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Tips for Sellers and Buyers

March 30th 2024


She thought it was a hot flash... But it was just the spring market.

March 28th 2024

Changing Regulations Impacting the Real Estate Industry

January 11th 2024

The real estate industry has new regulations impacting sellers’ options in 2024. One change is the use of “Exclusive Listings”.

Evening Showings

November 11th 2023

A few tips to maximize the emotional appreal of your home during evening showings.

Selling your home in a buyer's market

October 28th 2023

Selling Your Home in a Buyer's Market: Strategies for Success   In today's competitive real estate landscape, selling your home in a buyer's market demands a strategic approach. Here are some key tactics to maximize yourchances of a successful sale.

Sale of buyer's property conditional - Lets Talk

October 18th 2023

When you accept an offer with a condition of sale of buyer's property you do not give up your right to be actively marketed in the same manner you originally were. In a busy or hot market this is less critical but in a softer market you can't risk less activity. As a seller you need to be fully...

When it comes to selling your home, flexibility is key.

October 9th 2023

Occasionally seller’s believe that buyers should work around their schedule for showings & will be motivated enough to reschedule their viewings. However, in a quiet real estate market, this approach can be detrimental. Buyers who cannot access a home at a convenient time often don't return....

Is your buyer asking for an extention to closing date?

October 7th 2023

Some sellers have received requsests from their lawyer to extend the closing date. What can you do?

The Nose Knows!

October 1st 2023

In the competive world of real estate, first impressions are everything and few things make a more immediate impact than scents. Whether you're selling your home or trying to buy one, noxios odours can be a deal breaker. Pungent culprits can buyers running to another lisitng.

Dealbreakers - Unresolved water issues

September 27th 2023

Water issues or evidence of past water issues can kill a sale. Take care of business pre-listing and make sure you have the receipts to back up thee repairs in case the are needed or have to be disclosed.

Second Showings

January 12th 2023

Not all properties have a second showing prior to the buyer deciding to make an offer. It's certainly a sign of real interest.

Offer strategies?

November 30th 2021

Read the 3 basic strategies when if come to offer consideration.

Advertising Sold Homes - How Much of Your Deal is Private?

November 30th 2021

Do you think you overpaid? Do you think you undersold? How much of your business do you want made public? Who decides what is public & what remains private? Let's Talk.

How secure is my home when using a lockbox system?

November 30th 2021

My house is listed and the realtor has installed a lockbox. How secure is their system? How secure is my home.  Let's talk.

Buyers - How Much Can the Listing Agent Tell You?

April 20th 2020

Listing agents have contractual obligations to provide fiduciary duties to their sellers. Confidentiality is just one of them...

How is Covid19 changing the culture of Real Estate?

April 8th 2020

Covid19 how is it changing the process if you have to sell your home or need to buy? Let's Talk...

Balanced Protections. Form 244 & the Escalation Clause

May 8th 2019

What is a Form 244, a Sellers Direction or an Escalation Clause? How can I make sure I am not under-selling or over-paying?

How Important is Lighting?

April 23rd 2019

Lighting can be a secret weapon in elevating the buyer's emotional resonse to your property.

Valuation & Perception. The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

June 12th 2018

The Whole of a property package creates a new reality of its own, independent of the parts. What does this mean in terms of Real Estate Valuation?

The Over-Improved Property

March 4th 2018

Where should you spend your money for maximum resale returns? Do all improvements increase a buyer's valuation of your property?

The Bully Offer

March 4th 2018

If you are hearing a lot about Bully Offers there are a few things you should know...

Bridge Financing. Why You Need to Understand the Language.

March 4th 2018

When a Buyer tells me they are ok to waive financing and can "carry" the property if their own home hasn't sold in time I like to make sure we are all speaking the same language. Sometimes people are talking about something else entirely...Bridge Financing.

Bad Energy. The Elephant in the Room.

January 21st 2018

Do properties have "bad"or "good" energy? Many buyers talk about it when we are out viewing homes. What might it mean and what can you do about it?

Should We Stay or Should We Go? - Selling Higher End Homes in the Off-Season Market

November 22nd 2016

Does it make sense to take your home off the market for the Holiday Season or Winter and re-list in the spring? That depends...What price point is your property and how large is the buyer audience?

House-Hunting: Should I Hire My Own Agent? When? How?

December 5th 2017

Buyer Representation?  If you are considering making a move sit down and talk to a Realtor® so you understand all of your options and can make an educated decision early in the process about how to protect your best interests.

Can't Stand The Wait? Let's Talk About Sales Cycles

December 4th 2017

Expectations should be based on realistic sales cyles for a given property. How long should it take to sell?

Buyer Representation...Why It Matters.

November 26th 2017

What is the difference between being a customer or a client when buying real estate?

Stigmatized Properties...Who's At Risk & When

November 23rd 2017

Sellers often ask me about the risk of becoming a stigmatized listing. What does this mean? Who does it affect? How do you avoid it? Let's talk...

Abandon The Pursuit of Happiness: Pursue Resilience Instead

September 22nd 2017

"I have come to understand that the pursuit of happiness is an illusion and one which we should all abandon immediately for the good of our mental and physical health. Ouch, right?"  Thanks to Angela Scott for some insight...

Electronic Signatures - Embracing Technology as a Buyer/Seller

September 8th 2017

You could be missing out on opportunities or signing changes you aren't clear about on contracts that have repeated transmissions. You need to be able to read it clearly & submit it while the clock is still ticking.